Ferritic stainless steels, as one of the important types of stainless steel whose main material is iron; They are among the important factor steels that contain chromium amounts ranging from 11% to 30%. They are often preferred, especially in types with high chromium content, since they do not cause volume expansion or abrasions due to their structure. On the other hand, this steel type, which is known to be low in carbon, can be processed more easily and is resistant to heat treatments.

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Therefore, in this article, we have processed all the details you may want to learn about this type of steel, which is spread over different areas of use within its many alternatives. In this article, you can find answers to all your questions such as what is ferritic stainless steel or what are its types. In addition, you can easily realize the importance of the use of ferritic stainless steel in heavy manufacturing productions, as you can easily examine their characteristics and general distinctions on the basis of species.

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What Is Ferritic Stainless Steel?

With the clearest definition, ferritic stainless steel is a type of steel that contains at least 11% chromium, low carbon and little or no nickel. As with all types of steel, its main material is iron. However, what makes this material stand out at the point of ferritic steel is undoubtedly the amount of carbon it contains. The content of this material is completely magnetic. Therefore, it has magnet attraction power and is very low cost.

Another reason why its cost is lower than other types of steel is that its corrosion resistance varies at medium and lower levels. However, considering many known infrastructures, it is not possible to show ferritic stainless steel in sub-segments. Because it is known that it is a frequently preferred type of steel in terms of both financial and processing power.

What Are the Types of Ferritic Stainless Steel?

Ferritic stainless steel types are usually differentiated according to the chromium (CR) content they contain. Because these chrome ratios also affect many other details such as the usage area of ​​the material and even the process status. When we look at the whole, we can examine this steel type, which is separated according to the chromium ratio, in 3 main groups. These subgroups and their contents are as follows:

Chromium Content Between 11% and 13%

The chemical reaction that separates different electrons from an atom or molecule is called oxidation. From this point of view; We can say that these ferritic steel types examined in group 1, which are the poorest in terms of chromium, have moderate oxidation and corrosion resistance. The most well-known quality types of this group, especially used in automotive and exhaust parts, are:

  • 409

  • 410S

  • 1.4003.

Those With Chromium Content Between 14% and 18%

Unlike the first group; The 2nd group ferritic steel types with slightly higher chromium content are used in both automotive parts and kitchen utensils. Another sector where the 2nd group is widely used is heavy steel production, as you can imagine. However, we can list the qualities of the species under this group as follows: 430, 434, 436, 439, 430Ti, 441 and 444.

Chromium Content Between 19% and 30% (Super Ferritic Stainless Steels)

The third and last group, also known as super ferritic steels, is essentially the type with the highest chromium content. They are especially preferred in heat treatments where high oxidation and corrosion resistance is required. In addition, they are distinguished from other groups in terms of having high quality. We can classify this group as follows:

  • 442

  • 446 

What Are the Properties of Ferritic Stainless Steel?

Ferritic stainless steel properties are mostly in direct proportion to the elements in their components. In this respect, what makes this type of steel visible is primarily its low cost. However, we can list other features of this steel type as follows:

  • They have a softer structure due to the minimum amount of carbon in their content.

  • They are resistant to heat treatments and allow space for shaping.

  • They are strong in terms of oxidation and show high corrosion resistance.

  • Although they provide high corrosion resistance, their costs are quite low.

  • They have important qualities for areas that require flexibility.

What Are The Uses Of Ferritic Stainless Steel?

Ferritic stainless steel usage areas also vary according to the amount of chromium in the material. However, looking at the basics; They are mostly used in the automotive sector and in the construction of kitchen appliances due to the elements and structure in their content. On the other hand, their low cost makes them preferred in different sectors. Ferritic steels, which are known to be used in the construction of some hot water tanks today, are also frequently preferred materials in heavy manufacturing production.

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