Stainless Steel Round Pipe

Stainless Steel Round Pipe

Stainless steel pipes are made of stainless steel, a special steel material that plays a critical role in today’s industrial applications and construction industry. This special type of steel contains alloys such as chromium and nickel, creating a material with unique properties. Stainless pipes are generally preferred for their advantages such as corrosion resistance, durability and long life.

There are various types of stainless pipes, but they are generally divided into two main categories: welded and drawn pipes. Welded pipes are produced by joining stainless steel sheets by welding and are commonly used in industrial plants, water and gas transmission lines. On the other hand, drawn tubes are shaped by drawing and are especially preferred in applications that require high precision.

Used in fields such as medicine, automotive and aerospace, drawn tubes offer excellent surface quality. The corrosion resistance of stainless pipes is known for its ability to resist atmospheric conditions, water and chemicals. These properties ensure the long life of the pipes and reduce maintenance costs.

Stainless pipes are not only characterized by durability and corrosion resistance, but also by an aesthetic appearance. For this reason, they are often preferred in construction projects and interior and exterior designs.

As a result, stainless pipes are important building materials with special properties, used in a variety of industrial and construction applications. Advantages such as durability, corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance make these pipes a preferred option.

Stainless Steel Welded Pipe

Stainless welded pipes are durable and reliable building materials with a wide range of applications in the industrial and construction sectors. These pipes are produced by joining stainless steel sheets by welding, which ensures that the pipes have a homogeneous structure.

Stainless welded pipes are widely preferred, especially in water and gas transmission lines, industrial plants, chemical processes and the energy sector. Stainless welded pipes have various advantages. Their properties such as corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance and long life make them indispensable in industrial applications. In addition, the fact that they can be produced in various diameters and thicknesses provides flexible use in different projects.

The dimensions of these pipes are usually determined depending on the requirements of the project and the intended use. The diameter, wall thickness and length of the pipe are carefully selected to meet design and performance criteria. These dimensions ensure that the pipes are suitable for specific industrial applications.

In terms of price, the cost of stainless welded pipes varies depending on factors such as the grade of stainless steel used, pipe dimensions and the manufacturing process. In general, pipes with larger diameters and thicker walls, or pipes containing special alloys, can increase costs.

Stainless Steel Seamless Tube

Stainless drawn tubes are stainless steel tubes that are formed by a specialized manufacturing process, the drawing process. These tubes are generally preferred in applications that require high precision and excellent surface quality.

The drawing process is a method that precisely forms the diameter and thickness of the tube within certain tolerances. Stainless drawn tubes are widely used in medical, automotive, aerospace and other specialized industries. The manufacturing process of these tubes involves drawing stainless steel bars into tubes of a specific form and specification. This process ensures that the tubes have a homogeneous structure.

The advantages of stainless drawn tubes include excellent surface finish, high durability, corrosion resistance and long life. These properties make them especially preferred for medical devices, precision measuring equipment and high-tech applications.

These pipes adapt to different application requirements thanks to their ability to be produced in various diameters and thicknesses. The special designs of stainless steel drawn tubes offer a wide range of applications to meet various needs in industrial and scientific fields.

Stainless Steel Pipe Prices

Stainless Steel Pipe Prices vary depending on different factors. These factors include the size of the pipes, the quality of stainless steel used and the number of products. Larger diameter and thick-walled pipes or drawn pipes containing special alloys increase costs. Choosing the right size and quality is important in terms of obtaining economical and reliable solutions. As Özimeks, we help you in this regard. You can contact us for the best price and reliable service.

Özimeks Stainless Steel Pipe

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