Stainless Steel Sanitary Equipment

Stainless Steel Sanitary Equipment

Sanitary Equipments are equipment often used in the food industry, healthcare and laboratory environments. These accessories help maintain a hygienic environment and reduce the risk of contamination. They are made of stainless steel, glass or special polymer materials and are easy to clean. Sanitary Equipments include products such as hand washing units, sanitizer dispensers, sterile work gloves and hygienic storage containers. These accessories maintain hygiene standards and ensure a safe and healthy working environment. They are materials that meet health and safety standards.

Sanitary (Dairy, Hygienic) Equipment Conforming to DIN 11850 and EN 10357 Norms

In sanitary hygiene projects, various equipment must adhere to standards such as DIN 11850 and EN 10357 to ensure compatibility, hygiene, and safety, especially when constructed with stainless steel. Here’s an overview of the key equipment categories:

Stainless steel manhole covers in sanitary applications comply with DIN 11850 and EN 10357 standards to maintain hygiene and facilitate easy access for cleaning and maintenance purposes. These covers are designed to fit securely and prevent contamination while providing convenient access to the interior of tanks, vessels, or processing equipment.

Pipe equipment includes various screwed fittings designed to connect sanitary piping systems while adhering to DIN 11850 and EN 10357 standards. Constructed from stainless steel, these fittings ensure leak-proof connections and facilitate easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance. Common types of fittings include:

  • Nipple: A short piece of stainless steel pipe with male threads at both ends, used to connect two female-threaded fittings or pipes.
  • Socket: A fitting with female threads on both ends, constructed from stainless steel, allowing for the connection of two male-threaded pipes or fittings.
  • Square Profile: Stainless steel fittings with square-shaped profiles, designed to provide structural support and secure connections in sanitary piping systems.
Stainless steel measurement control equipment used in sanitary applications is designed to meet the stringent requirements of DIN 11850 and EN 10357 standards. This equipment includes instruments for monitoring and controlling various parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, and levels within the sanitary process. Constructed from stainless steel, these instruments ensure accurate measurement and control while maintaining hygienic conditions.
Stainless steel hoses and hose parts used in sanitary applications conform to DIN 11850 and EN 10357 standards to ensure compatibility, cleanliness, and durability. These hoses are designed to transport liquids or gases hygienically while withstanding the rigors of sanitary processing environments. Stainless steel hose parts such as couplings, fittings, and adapters enable secure connections between hoses and other equipment while maintaining hygiene standards.
Stainless steel filters play a crucial role in sanitary hygiene projects, removing impurities and contaminants from fluids while adhering to DIN 11850 and EN 10357 standards. These filters are designed to meet specific filtration requirements while ensuring easy maintenance and cleaning. They are commonly used in various stages of the production process to maintain product quality and hygiene standards.

Özimeks Sanitary Equipments

In summary, equipment such as manhole covers, pipe fittings, measurement control instruments, filters, hoses, and hose parts in sanitary hygiene projects adhere to DIN 11850 and EN 10357 standards, especially when constructed with stainless steel. These standards help maintain the integrity of sanitary systems while ensuring compliance with industry regulations and best practices.
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