Stainless Steel Service Center

Stainless Steel Service Center

We serve you with our Stainless Steel Service Center to combine precision with excellence in meeting the diverse needs of our valued customers. As a leading supplier in the stainless steel industry, we offer many needed products at the highest quality. At our Stainless Steel Service Center, we prioritize quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology, and a dedicated team of professionals.

Cut to Lenght

The stainless steel cut-to-length process begins with unwinding large coils, followed by straightening and precise measurement. Marking guides the cutting machine to produce sheets or plates of specified dimensions. Quality inspection ensures adherence to standards, and the cut sheets are stacked, packaged, and documented with relevant certificates.

This efficient process minimizes waste, enhances accuracy, and allows customization to meet the specific needs of industries such as construction and manufacturing. The resulting stainless steel sheets are then delivered to customers, ready for use in diverse applications across various sectors.

Max. WidthThickness RangeLength Range
100 – 1250 mm0,30 – 2,00 mm200-4.000 mm
300 – 1500 mm0,30 – 3,00 mm300-8.000 mm
500 – 2000 mm1,50 – 10,0 mm500-17.000 mm
500 – 2000 mm0,80 – 15,0 mm500-15.000 mm
 Thickness (mm)
16X16X X      
22X22  X      
45X45 XXX X   
70X70   X XXX 
90X90     XX  
100X100   X XXX 
120X120   X XXXX
150X150   X XXXX
200X200     XXXX


The stainless steel coil slitting process begins with unwinding large coils, guiding and tensioning the strip for precision. Blades are adjusted for the specified width, and the coil is fed through the slitting machine to create narrower strips. After a meticulous quality check, the strips are rewound onto individual recoiler drums and securely packaged for transport.

Comprehensive documentation, including quality certificates, accompanies the packaged material, ensuring transparency and compliance. This efficient process caters to diverse industry needs, offering precision and flexibility while minimizing material waste.

Thickness RangeMin. Strip WidthMaks Coil Width
0,30 – 1,00 mm7 mm750 mm
1,00 – 2,00 mm17 mm750 mm
2,00 – 5,00 mm15 mm2100 mm
6,00 – 8,00 mm20 mm2100 mm
10,0 – 12,0 mm30 mm2100 mm
12,0 – 15,0 mm40 mm2100 mm

Surface Grinding

Stainless steel surface grinding and finishing play a pivotal role in achieving the desired appearance and quality of stainless steel products. Surface grinding involves the removal of surface irregularities and imperfections through abrasive processes, resulting in a smooth and even finish. Finishing techniques such as polishing, brushing, or passivation further enhance the aesthetic appeal and corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

These processes not only contribute to a refined and uniform surface but also improve the material’s durability and cleanliness. Whether for architectural elements, machinery components, or consumer goods, meticulous surface grinding and finishing are integral to ensuring the optimal performance and visual appeal of stainless steel products in various industries.

Thickness RangeMin. WidthMax. WidthMin. LengthMax. Length
Coil to Coil Grinding / Brushing0,40 – 4,00 mm400 mm1600 mm  
Sheet to Sheet Grinding / Brushing0,40 – 50,00 mm150 mm2100 mm800 mm12000 mm
Marble / Circle Finishing0,60 – 10,0 mm500 mm2000 mm850 mm6000 mm
No.8 Super Mirror Finishing0,50 – 50,0 mm1000 mm2000 mm1000 mm12000 mm
Anti-Finger Surface0,50 – 3,0 mm150 mm2000 mm500 mm4200 mm

Laser Cut

Stainless steel sheet laser cutting is a precise and efficient manufacturing method employed to shape stainless steel sheets with unparalleled accuracy. In this process, a computer-controlled laser beam is directed onto the stainless steel surface, melting or vaporizing the material along predetermined paths defined by a digital design file. This technology allows for intricate cuts, sharp angles, and complex patterns, making it ideal for creating custom components, detailed parts, or decorative elements. The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system ensures meticulous control over the laser’s movement, enabling a high degree of precision. Stainless steel sheets of various thicknesses can be cut, providing versatility for a wide range of applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and architectural design. The advantages of stainless steel sheet laser cutting include minimal material waste, rapid production, and the ability to achieve intricate designs with a smooth and refined finish, contributing to the overall efficiency and quality of stainless steel fabrication.
Thickness RangeMax. WidthMax. Length
0,40 – 50,0 mm2500 mm8000 mm

Plasma Cut

Stainless steel sheet plasma cutting is a versatile and efficient process utilized for precision cutting of stainless steel sheets. In this method, a high-velocity jet of ionized gas, or plasma, is generated and directed onto the stainless steel surface, melting the material and creating a cut. The process is controlled by a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system, which follows the specifications outlined in a digital design file. Stainless steel sheets of varying thicknesses can be easily cut through, allowing for the fabrication of components with diverse requirements. Plasma cutting is known for its speed, making it suitable for both intricate shapes and bulk production. While it may result in a slightly wider cut compared to laser cutting, plasma cutting excels in handling thicker materials and is a cost-effective solution for various applications in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and shipbuilding.
Thickness RangeMax. WidthMax. Length
10,0 – 140,0 mm4000 mm12.000 mm

Press Brake

Stainless steel sheet bending and forming are seamlessly achieved through the use of a CNC Press Brake, a highly advanced and automated manufacturing tool. In this process, a computer-controlled press brake machine precisely manipulates stainless steel sheets into desired shapes and angles based on digital design specifications. The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system allows for accurate and repeatable bending, ensuring uniformity in the final product.

The CNC Press Brake is equipped with a variety of tooling options to accommodate different bending requirements, making it ideal for producing components with complex geometries. This technology is widely employed in industries such as construction, automotive, and aerospace for crafting stainless steel components, offering efficiency, versatility, and the ability to achieve a range of bend angles and radii with exceptional precision.

Press Brake Tolerances
Thickness RangeMax. LengthToleranceAngleMaterial
0.5 – 8.0 mm6.000 mm+ / – 0.2 mm+ / – 0.25ºStainless
10.0 – 15.0 mm6.000 mm+ / – 1.5 mm+ / – 0.50ºStainless
16.5 – 20.0 mm4.000 mm+ / – 1 mm+ / – 1ºStainless
21.0 – 30.0 mm500 mm+ / – 1 mm+ / – 1ºStainless

Guillotine Scissors Cut

Stainless steel sheet cutting using a Hydraulic Guillotine Shear is a mechanical process that offers precise and efficient results. In this method, a hydraulic system drives a sharp blade down in a vertical motion to cut through the stainless steel sheet. The guillotine shear is equipped with a backgauge, which aids in achieving accurate and consistent cuts by positioning the sheet properly.

This process is particularly effective for straight-line cutting of stainless steel sheets with varying thicknesses, providing clean and well-defined edges. The hydraulic system ensures a powerful and controlled cutting force, making it suitable for a range of applications in industries such as metal fabrication, construction, and manufacturing. The Hydraulic Guillotine Shear is valued for its ability to handle larger sheet sizes and thicker materials, contributing to its versatility in stainless steel sheet processing.

Thickness RangeMax. WidthMax. Length
3,00 – 34,0 mm6000 mm6400 mm

Bandsaw Machine

Bandsaw machines are integral cutting tools utilized across diverse industries, including metalworking and woodworking, for the precise cutting of materials like stainless steel. Operating with a continuous bandsaw blade, these machines offer versatility in their cutting motion, with options for both vertical and horizontal configurations. Vertical bandsaws excel in intricate cuts and contouring, while horizontal bandsaws are ideal for straight cuts in larger workpieces. Renowned for their precision, bandsaw machines can adeptly handle straight cuts as well as intricate shapes and curves.

They find applications in various industries, contributing to tasks such as cutting sheets, bars, and other stainless steel forms. Bandsaws are available in both manual and CNC variants, with the latter offering programmable automation for enhanced accuracy. Safety features, including blade guards and emergency stops, are incorporated to ensure secure operation. Overall, bandsaw machines play a crucial role in providing efficiency, flexibility, and precision in material cutting operations across a spectrum of industrial settings.

Thickness RangeMax. WidthMax. Length
300mm12000 mm12000mm

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